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Although based in Vernon, since 2014 we’ve been helping families and businesses move province-wide and even beyond our BC border. We are well known throughout the North Okanagan and Salmon Arm for prompt, customized moving services that help alleviate the stress of planning, packing and coordinating a move. We understand that moving can be complicated, and our goal is to help you get to your chosen destination with all your treasures intact. Our team has gained experience over the years and we know how to smooth out the process for you.

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Moving Tips


In addition to packing, you will need to organizing hydro, gas with your new address – such as turning off utilities in your old home and setting up any services you need at your destination.


Hire professional movers. Keep in mind that if you are moving at a difficult time, have lots of belongings, or face other issues that could make your move complicated, it may make more sense to leave it to professional movers. If you are moving for a job, moving costs are probably tax-deductible, so saving yourself the stress is well worth it. Contact us for an estimate on various or specialty services you need and to lock your moving date into our calendar.


Get organized and gather the supplies you need. You will need tape, different sized boxes, labels, and packaging material to wrap up your fragile items. Pack room by room. Trying to figure out how to pack for a move can be overwhelming. Packing one room at a time, starting with the rooms (and items) you use least, helps make moving manageable. Need help packing? We can come in ahead of your move.


Label your boxes and use more tape than you think you need to prevent the bottom of your boxes from falling out. On each box, place a label on it with your destination address and information about what’s in the box. This will ensure you get your boxes and know what’s in them.


Pack a survival kit. What goes into this box? Anything you need on moving day, for use on the road, and immediately on arriving at your new home. Items may include tissue, quick foods, like power bars, or a small cooler of food, bottled water, hand soap and a small towel and pet food. Of course, your survival kit is highly personalized according to your family’s needs, but important for a Zen-like moving experience.


We are happy to help with a move-out clean after everything is on the truck, or the next day. This is often a requirement of a house closing. Speak with us for a quote!

For professional moving and packing help, contact Monashee Moving for a quote.

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